Workaround for CVE-2024-2961 on NixOS
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Workaround for CVE-2024-2961 on NixOS

This Nix snippet implements the workaround to CVE-2024-2961 as described by the Rocky Linux team. Also a big thanks to Martin Weinelt for making this work without rebuilding every single package on your computer.

How to apply

Clone this repository and add the path to workaround-cve-2024-2961.nix to the imports attribute of your configuration.nix, like this:

{ config, pkgs, ... }: {


  imports = [



  • Keep in mind that this workaround disables encoding conversion to/from the ISO-2022-CN-EXT Chinese text encoding. If this is something you or your users need, you cannot apply this workaround or things will break.
  • This will make your computer build glibc by itself, which, depending on your hardware, may take a long time. If your servers don't have a lot of computing resources, consider building the patched version of glibc on your local computer and then pushing its closure to your server. If you understand what I just said, you'll know what to do.
  • Be careful if you use Hydra to build your system environment. As @sandro pointed out, this may have unforeseen consequences. Thanks for the heads-up!